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Fire of 2002

November of 2002 was a bad month for me. :-) There was a fire which completely destroyed my house.
I wasn't able to salvage anything,,, nothing. The area by the chimney that is still standing,,, well,,, it
was my office. Both of my computers, all of my digital and print photos,,,, gone. The only thing I
had left is what was on the tripod servers.

It was heck to leave for work in the morning, and return home to find that the only things I owned
were the clothes I wore to work that day.

It may not look so bad from the photos, but the entire floor of the mobile home was pretty much gone.
The walls were still standing, but the interior was gutted.

A word to anyone with a fireplace,,, be careful, keep it clean, and inspect it for cracks and damage often.
It was a crack in the flue that let the fire get into the walls that did my house in.

I'm back on my feet now though, although it's been a long year.
I have to say thanks to my family and friends, especially my brothers and my parents
who provided so much assistance.